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What types of anchors are there?

There are many types of anchors, which can be divided into rod anchors, rodless anchors, high-holding anchors and special anchors according to different structures and uses. Dovetail Anchor.

1. Anchor with rod: also known as naval anchor, this kind of anchor is an early anchor, also known as naval anchor. This kind of anchor has a simple structure, a large grab-to-weight ratio, and good bottom grabbing stability, but it is difficult to break down and store. Too convenient, the upturned anchor catch is easy to entangle the anchor chain and scratch the bottom of the ship. This kind of anchor is not easy to be used as the first anchor of commercial ships, and is generally used for small boats or sailboats;

2. Rodless anchors: also known as mountain anchors, the common ones are Hall anchors and Spek anchors, which are rodless anchors with movable anchor claw (revolving around 45° forward and backward along the anchor shaft), and the anchor rods and anchors of rodless anchors. The arms are cast separately. Anchor claw, anchor crown and anchor arm are cast in one piece. The anchor stem is inserted into the rectangular hole of the anchor crown, and the pin shaft and the horizontal pin are positioned in the two semicircular grooves at the lower part of the anchor crown to realize the purpose of the anchor stem being rotatable;

3. Large-holding anchors: Large-holding anchors combine the advantages of rod anchors and rodless anchors, and are generally rod-claw anchors. Commonly used are Martens anchors, Danforth anchors (also known as dovetail anchors, which are characterized by wide and long staggered claws, deep gripping soil and good stability, so as to obtain greater gripping force, and the grip-to-weight ratio can reach 11~17. However, the strength of the anchor claw is weak and it is easy to deform. Because of the large resistance of the excavation, it is generally only suitable for engineering ships, and some are used as spare anchors or tail anchors; Jiangsu Aohai Anchor Chain has specialized in R&D and production of ship anchors and Hall anchors for 18 years. , Spek Anchor, Navy Anchor, High Holding Power Anchor.

4. Special anchors are anchors with special purposes. Commonly used for permanent moorings such as buoys, buoys, light boats, floating docks and pontoons. There are single claw anchors, screw anchors and mushroom anchors, etc.;