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Maintenance of anchor chain

Steel for anchor chains requires high-performance green steel sheets that can meet new standards in the shipbuilding industry. The steel used for anchor chain takes the high-strength steel used in large bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers and offshore engineering ships as an example. The proportion of high-strength panels used is about 30%. So do you know how to maintain the anchor chain? Let's discuss it with you today.

Maintenance of anchor chain:

1. The tightness of the anchor chain chain should be appropriate, too tight will increase power consumption, and the bearing will be easy to wear;

2. If the anchor chain chain is too long or stretched after use, it is difficult to adjust. The chain link can be removed according to the situation, but it must be an even number. The links should pass through the back of the chain with the cleats inserted outside, and the openings of the cleats should face the opposite direction of rotation.

3. After the chain of the anchor chain is seriously worn, the new sprocket and new chain should be replaced at the same time to ensure good meshing. You can't just replace a new chain or a new sprocket alone.

4. The old chain of the anchor chain cannot be mixed with some new chains, otherwise it will easily cause shock during transmission and break the chain.

The above are several aspects of the maintenance and attention of the anchor chain chain, I hope the majority of users can pay attention to it.