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What is the basis for the equipment of marine anchors and anchor chains?

Using ships, we naturally know anchor chains and anchor chains. In order to have a reliable sailing experience, we also need to know some focused knowledge. At present, welded anchor chains have been widely used in commercial ships. Almost all anchor chains are made by flash welding, and cast anchor chains are rarely used. With the exception of most forgings in chain attachments, forged chain cables have largely been eliminated. So, which anchor chains and anchor chains should be equipped for sea-going ships?

The anchoring and anchoring chain for seagoing vessels should be selected according to the size of the vessel, based on the type of vessel, the waters it sails, and the data listed in the specification. The variable N (equipmenumber), or the number of ships, is a parameter that reflects the wind and flow forces of the hull.

Cargo ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, trailing suction dredgers, ferries and other equipment are selected according to n. From the number of fittings, the ship should be equipped with the number of anchors, the weight of each anchor, the level, total length and diameter of the anchor chain, if the ship should be equipped with the total number of links of the anchor chain, the right anchor should be equipped with more links . Every 10,000-ton cargo ship has at least 10 anchor chains.

In general, ships in unlimited aviation areas should be equipped with 12 anchor chains per main anchor. In addition, the ship should retain at least one anchoring shackle and four connecting shackles or connecting links, and the other anchoring chain should retain a large floating shackle. AM1 grade chains with tensile stress less than 400n/mm2 cannot be used for large grab anchors. AM3 grade chains are only suitable for anchor chains with a diameter of 20.5mm or more.

Types and Models of Anchors: Hall Anchor, Speck Anchor, Japanese Rodless Anchor, AC-14 Large Grip Anchor, Delta Anchor, Triangle Anchor, Navy Anchor, Navy Anchor, Dan Fore Anchor, Danvers Anchor, Martens Grip Anchor, Single Claw Anchor, Four Claw Anchor, Positioning Anchor, Bell Anchor, Bol Anchor, MK3 Anchor, MK5 Anchor , MK6 anchoring, naval anchoring, pear-shaped anchoring and other common marine anchoring types. There are also marine engineering anchoring and fish farming anchoring.

The anchor chain is connected by many links, and its size is about the chain diameter (mm). According to whether there is a gear in the middle of the chain ring, it can be divided into geared anchor chain and gearless anchor chain. Anchor chains can be made by forging, casting and welding. The marine anchor chain consists of several parts, each of which is 25.0~27.5 meters in length, connected with chain links or shackles. After anchoring, the chain is stored in the ship's chain locker. Confirm the specifications of the anchor chain according to the ship construction standard.

Now, many technologies and techniques have been improved, and there are many specifications for the configuration of marine anchor chain and anchor chain. According to Chinese regulations and standards, Kent shackles are used between the joints of the anchor chain with gears and the joints, and the connection shackles are used between the joints and the joints of the anchor chains without gears. The enlarged chain link of the gearless anchor chain is a gearless ring that is larger than the ordinary chain link.