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Marking method of marine anchor chain

The ship anchor chain mark refers to the mark that represents the ship anchor chain link painted on the connecting link (or connecting shackle) and its adjacent links. It is used to grasp the length of the ship's anchor and the anchor chain in time when the anchor is dropped or lifted. Probably everyone has a lot of people who don't know much about it, so let's take a look at how to mark.

One section means one section: wire (or white steel ring) is wound around the crosspiece of one chain link before and after the connecting link between the first and second sections, and the two links are painted with white waterline paint, and the connecting link is painted red paint.

Section 2: Section 2: Wrap metal wire (or white steel ring) on ​​the rungs that connect the two chain links before and after the chain link between the second and third sections, and paint white waterlines on all the links between the two chain links Lacquer, and then connect the link with red paint.

Each stanza mark representing stanzas three to five, and so on.

Begin with verse six and repeat the method used in verses 1 through 5.

Such as red or yellow paint, the last one to two sections can be marked clearly to remind the ship that the anchor chain should be loosened so as not to lose the anchor. In order to understand the sign that the anchor has entered the hawse drum and has been hoisted into place when the anchor is twisted, it is also common to paint white paint on several links at the hawse or chain stopper. This way of marking will be a huge advantage for our users.