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What is the role of anchors?
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What is the role of anchors?

2020/03/24 12:33
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The main role of the anchor is fixed, stable ship. From the following aspects.
1, the anchor to work, the most basic conditions are hooked things in the seabed and so on.
If the anchor is not long enough, the anchor will not work.
If the seabed is flat, or the hook is not fixed, or the hook is not too strong, if it is calm and can, but the waves are too large, resulting in anchor hooks, will make the anchor lose its role , This is called "anchor", the ship during the anchor, there is anchor, is very dangerous, because the ship in the anchor when the general host are stopped, if the sail immediately, take time, no power of the boat around the drift is very dangerous. So, only the concept of anchorage, anchorage, implied meaning, under the river is relatively rough, in addition, to be able to shelter.
2, the weight of the chain for the ship is negligible, that point, will not play a big role.
In addition, if you pay attention to, in general, when the anchor ship, anchor chain is straight, do you think this time the chain will have any friction?
If you are at the beach, you will find a lot of small fishing boats, their anchor chain is a rough rope.
3, in the boat to see, the chain is straight, but underwater
There is a section and the seabed is close to the parallel (in fact, close to the bottom of the sea)
Anchor to provide grip, and then through the chain to the ship to the Olympic sea anchor 18 years of professional R & D production anchor, Hall anchor, Sibek anchor, naval anchor, large grasping anchor.
To resist the impact of ocean currents and wind loads on positioning
The reason why there is a section is close to the bottom of the sea
Is to take into account the impact of force
Think about it, an anchor, anchor straight up a stretch is easy to anchor
And there is a section close to the sea, can provide a margin
In a certain range is possible.
The weight of the anchor is not large, but how much the ship is much of the anchor is prescribed
This is due to the anchor can produce the force and their own inertia factors
Anchor chain friction is also a role
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