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What are the types of anchors?
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What are the types of anchors?

2019/05/27 12:31
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There are many types of anchors, according to the different structure and use, can be divided into a rod anchor, rodless anchor, large anchor anchor and special anchor; merchant ship anchor mainly used rodless anchor, tail anchor sometimes with anchor and Swallowtail anchor.
1, a rod anchor: also known as the Navy anchor, this anchor is an early anchor, also known as the Navy anchor, the kind of anchor structure is simple, grasp the weight ratio, grasp the bottom of the stability is better, but the anchor operation and collection is not Too convenient, upturned anchor grasping easy to entanglement chain and scrape the bottom of the ship, this anchor is not easy as the first anchor of the merchant, generally used for boats or sailing;
2, no rod anchor: also known as the mountain anchor, common for the Hall anchor and Sibek anchor, is the activities of the anchor (along the anchor back and forth about 45 °) of the rodless anchor, anchor bolt and anchor The arm is separately cast. Anchor, anchor and anchor arm into one. Anchored into the long hole of the anchor crown, with the pin and the cross pin located in the lower part of the anchor in the two semicircular groove, in order to achieve the purpose of anchor can be rotated;
3, large grasping anchor: a large grasp of the anchor combined with a rod anchor and the advantages of rodless anchor, are generally a rod claw anchor. Commonly used Ma's anchor, Dan Fu Si anchor (also known as the dovetail anchor, which is characterized by the wrong pawl wide and long, deep soil, good stability, and thus get a greater grip, grasping up to 11 to 17 But the anchor paw strength is weak, easy to deformation.Also due to the greater resistance to unearthed, generally only for engineering vessels, and some spare anchor or tail anchor; Jiangsu Austrian sea anchor 18 years of professional R & D production anchor, Hall anchor Sibek anchor, naval anchor, big grab anchor.
4, special anchor is a special purpose anchor. Commonly used in buoys, buoys, light boats, floating dock and floating dock and other permanent mooring. There are single claw anchor, spiral anchor and bacteria anchor;