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Anchor working principle
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Anchor working principle

2020/06/16 17:14
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 From top to bottom structure are anchored shackles, bolts, bolts, anchor, anchor wrist, both sides of the symmetrical part is called the anchor. The anchor is the most important part of the anchor, and when the ship is anchored, the anchor sinks to the bottom of the anchor. In the bottom of the water, due to the role of anchors in the plane of the anchor will be perpendicular to the bottom of the water, then the anchor will be in contact with the bottom. Qingdao navigation ship 18 years of professional R & D production anchor, Hall anchor, Sibek anchor, naval anchor, large grasping anchor, steel buoy.
The length of the anchor chain of the ship is often greater than the depth of the water, so the chain in the bottom of the chain in a flat state, when the ship receives the disturbance (such as the top wave) anchor will be pulled in the anchor at the anchor link By the role of a horizontal force, while the anchor's own gravity on the anchor and the bottom of the contact point (C points in the figure), the two forces make the anchor down the slope of the movement, which is anchored into the soil process. After the anchor is pulled into the water, it can provide the ability to berth for the ship. It is important to note that this ability is not only an anchor, but also a long chain.
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