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Anchor chain manufacturing


Anchor chain manufacturing


Anchor chain manufacturing



Marking method of marine anchor chain

The ship anchor chain mark refers to the mark that represents the ship anchor chain link painted on the connecting link (or connecting shackle) and its adjacent links. It is used to grasp the length of the ship's anchor and the anchor chain in time when the anchor is dropped or lifted. Probably everyone has a lot of people who don't know much about it, so let's take a look at how to mark.


What is the basis for the equipment of marine anchors and anchor chains?

Using ships, we naturally know anchor chains and anchor chains. In order to have a reliable sailing experience, we also need to know some focused knowledge. At present, welded anchor chains have been widely used in commercial ships. Almost all anchor chains are made by flash welding, and cast anchor chains are rarely used. With the exception of most forgings in chain attachments, forged chain cables have largely been eliminated. So, which anchor chains and anchor chains should be equipped for sea-going ships?


The principle, function, type and daily inspection of anchors

The structure from top to bottom is the anchor shackle, bolt, anchor rod, anchor handle, anchor wrist, and the symmetrical parts on both sides are called anchor claw. The anchor claw is the most important part

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